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Training + Certification + Study material + Placements

Duration: 45 Days

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Training Includes

  • Web Page Content – Static vs. Dynamic Pages
  • UI Mapping with Selenium
  • Creating a shared object repository with Selenium
  • 1 Day session on Interview Tips
  • 2 Days Session on FAQs and Answers
  • 5 Mock Interviews and Guidance

Instructor-led Sessions

Online & Offline Instructor-Led Classes. Weekend Class sessions of 3 hours .


Each class will be followed by a test to assess your learning.


Sucessfully complete your final course project and CloudSwab will certify you as a Software Tester.
You will be learning different levels of testing, test environment setup concepts of software testing.

Software testing

Course curriculum

  • What is Internet SEO marketing
  • Working with web search
  • How Search engine Works
  • Various Method in internet marketing
  • Google Algorithm Concept
  • Latest updates and Verification
  • Importance Google Page Rank
  • Working with SEO tools
  • Art of SEO content
  • Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

  • Overview of keyword research
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Various types of Keywords
  • What is Local SEO services
  • How to Preparing a keyword
  • Keywords based tools
  • Working with Webmaster tools

  • Website designing and build website
  • Importance of Website
  • Working with User experience development
  • Basics of Onsite Optimization
  • Importance of web Domain names and SEO content writing
  • Working with file optimization
  • Working with Title tag optimization
  • How to keywords inserted
  • Working with meta tags
  • Understanding the meta tags Optimization
  • Working Header Optimization
  • Working with Anchor Links
  • Understanding Internal link Strategy

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Header and Footer Tags
  • What is 404 Implementation
  • Understanding SEO guidelines
  • What are the Major Search engines
  • Define Google Sandbox
  • Determine Website Architecture
  • Working with Heading tags
  • How to optimize Heading Optimization
  • How to optimize Title Tag Optimization
  • Working with Image Optimization
  • Working with URL Optimization

  • How Inbound Linked and Backlinks works.
  • Understanding Inbound Links used in Search Engine Optimize.
  • What are the Natural and Unnatural Linked
  • Define Backlinks and various types in backlinks.
  • Difference between Nofollow and Dofollow linking
  • Importance of Non-Editorial Linked and Editorial Linked.
  • Understanding the Dofollow links and authority sites.
  • Why Concept of PR is used & works with high define backlinks.
  • How Website submit on various Search Engines.
  • Importance of .ORG linked
  • Working Backlinks from different websites.
  • How DMOZ submit and guidelines.
  • Define Directories, Various types in directory & Directory Submit.
  • What are the Business lists with real NAP on various city specific business directories.
  • Various high rate Social Bookmarked Websites and submit.
  • How SEO Content write & article submit.
  • Working with blogs and prepare article.
  • How Blog posting works with Google crawling.
  • What are the value of high rate blog comment on the article.
  • Why Classified backlinks to good quality posting websites.
  • Define Press Release and submissions.
  • Define Alexa rank & Alexa integrating.
  • Working backlinks in web 2.0.
  • How to Youtube optimize and internal linked from broadcasting sites.
  • PowerPoint and shared documents and submit.
  • What are the Internal Links from questions and answer sites.
  • How to Backlink Anchor Text for SEO
  • Working with Link building and Social Network platform.
  • How Google Plus content optimize.

  • How used Website structure optimize high loading.
  • What are the uses of CSS and Javascript Sprite.
  • How to short the HTTP call.
  • Define Content Deliver Network management.
  • Factors of mobile Responsive Website design .
  • Search Engine URL rewrite technique with .HTACCESS.
  • Factors of Redirection.
  • 301 Permanent in Redirection and 302 Temporary in Redirection.
  • How to checking Duplicate Content and Canonical.
  • Working with Rel Canonical tag implements.
  • Cannibal issue and fix.
  • 404 Broken links analysis and redirection.
  • Custom 403, 404 page develop.
  • Factors of sitemaps .xml, and .html file.
  • How to RSS file prepare.
  • Robots.txt file prepared and uses.
  • Quality analysis of Internal Links, Google webmaster tool.

  • Define Google Search and Webmaster.
  • Understanding Integrating Google Search Concept and website or blog.
  • How Google Search Concept works.
  • MS Bing Webmaster Integrating.
  • Define Google Analytics and advantages.
  • Define SEO Data Analytics and Data Mining.
  • Different Reporting from Google Analytics.

  • Site analysis and audit.
  • Site in various SEO tools.
  • Various types of Google Algorithm updates.
  • How to recover from Panda updates.
  • How to recover from Penguin updates.
  • How to recover from Hummingbird updates.
  • How to recover from Pigeon updates.
  • How to recover from EMD updates.

  • Adwords and online ad introduction
  • Basics of campaign and adword account
  • Set up of PPC campaign
  • Ad formats of adwords
  • CTR rates
  • Issues of ad quality and policies
  • Impressions
  • Conversion acquaintance
  • Cost conservation knowledge
  • Network ads of search and display
  • Targeting adwords
  • Performance optimization
  • Google ad display
  • Tracking of conversion
  • Monitoring performance

  • Ad groups and campaign introduction
  • Keywords, ad groups and campaigns introduction
  • Estimations of traffic and bidding
  • Creation of ads
  • Choosing of right keyword
  • Optimization of campaign
  • Reports of Bing ads
  • Intelligence tools of Bing ads
  • Campaign analytics tracking conversion
  • Budgeting of Bing ads
  • Optimization editor campaign of Bing ads
  • Billing of Bing ads
  • Account management tip of Bing ads

  • SMO-Social Media Optimization
  • About social media
  • Social media in business
  • Integration with websites
  • Types of social media
  • User engagement statics
  • Social Media Organization surveys
  • Social media platforms
  • Vision and brand decoding
  • Goals and missions

  • Branding a service or a product
  • Business leveraging
  • Creating a profile
  • Creating a page
  • Creating a group
  • Creating an advertisement
  • Creating an event
  • Face book updates
  • Resources in Face book
  • Case studies
  • Integration
  • Hidden buttons and Layout
  • Tricks and creation in Face book
  • Hash tags
  • Stories, posts, like events.

  • Building business and brand
  • Creating a profile
  • Content of search engine
  • User engagements in twitter page
  • Hash tags
  • Networking sites
  • Related Case studies

  • Linked In
  • Business orientation
  • Role of HR department
  • Linked In role
  • Creating a profile
  • Creating a company page
  • Creating a group

  • Creating a profile
  • Creating company profile
  • Social buttons
  • Video posting
  • Keywords
  • Advertising through videos

  • Social book marking
  • Its use in branding
  • Press release and slide share
  • Flicker and Instagram
  • Article submission

  • Creation of bogs
  • Creating a page
  • Word press
  • Adding of posts
  • Blogging.

  • Class
  • Social media
  • Development of social media in managing information aggregators
  • Social media definition
  • Google alert blogs

  • Copy right
  • In-house guidelines
  • Legal side in Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Implications in trademarks
  • Tumbler
  • Blogger
  • Set up
  • Service influences
  • Word press

  • Bookmarking
  • Setup and management
  • Majority female target audience
  • Profile interest
  • LinkedIn tips
  • Guides
  • Visual social media

  • SMM and SEO
  • Hangouts
  • SEO
  • SEO determination
  • Authorship
  • Set-up Google+
  • Company profile
  • Video platforms
  • Channel managing content
  • You tube
  • Organic search
  • Google’s role
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